Sturges Family Reunion
Ames, Iowa
July 28-30, 2006

The family elders

Jerry, Leroy, David, Dean

We're sorry that neither our sister Bonnie and her husband Louis
nor our brother Terry and his wife Jeane were able to make it
to the reunion this year.

Jerry Sturges family

Leroy Sturges family

David Sturges family

Jerry, Nate, Jenny, Santaisha, Kassandra
Sue, Leroy, Jason, Kathryn, Sophie and Samara, Jeff and Blake
Dave, Judy, kids, and grandkids


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  • Dean Sturges
  • David and Judy Sturges
    • Sharon Sturges, Nicholas Sturges, Melissa Mateo, Russell Sturges, David Sturges, Callie Sturges
    • Rex Howard, Susan Howard, Curtis Howard
    • Joe McLain, Sonja McLain, Andrew McLain, Charlie McLain
  • Leroy and Sue Sturges
    • Jeff Sturges, Sophie Sturges, Blake Sturges, Samara Sturges
    • Jason Sturges, Kathryn Sturges
  • Jerry and Jennifer Sturges
    • Nate Sturges, Santaisha Sturges, Kasandra Sturges