Christian Hansen BUSK/Ane Kirstine HANSDATTER

Husband: Christian Hansen BUSK (B200)
Born: 8 APR 1859 at: Buske, , Denmark Married: 23 OCT 1883 at: Perth Amboy, , NJ Died: 2 SEP 1913 at: Osceola Twp, Grant Co, SD Father:Hans NEILSEN Mother:Maren ANDERSDATTER Other Spouses:
Wife: Ane Kirstine HANSDATTER (H523)
Born: 14 OCT 1860 at: Tybjerg, , Denmark Died: 7 APR 1923 at: Summit, Grant, SD Father:Hans CHRISTOFFERSEN Mother:Karen Sophie JORGENSDATTER Other Spouses:
Name: Anna Hansina BUSK Born: 20 AUG 1884 at: Westbrook Twp, Cottonwood, MN Married: 9 NOV 1904 at: Summit, Grant, SD Died: 1 MAY 1973 at: Westbrook, Cottonwood, MN Spouses: Ned Peter NELSEN PEDIGREE NOTES
Name: Maren Sophie BUSK Born: 13 MAY 1886 at: Married: 18 JAN 1905 at: Died: 19 MAY 1979 at: Spouses: Lars Peter PETERSON
Name: Henry BUSK Born: 21 SEP 1888 at: Married: 27 APR 1911 at: Died: 23 JUN 1971 at: Spouses: Mary Elizabeth MADSEN
Name: Hans Alfred BUSK Born: 17 OCT 1890 at: Married: 9 AUG 1913 at: Died: 16 FEB 1972 at: Spouses: Hannah C. SORENSEN
Name: Carl John BUSK Born: 1 JAN 1893 at: Married: 25 NOV 1915 at: Died: 22 OCT 1983 at: Spouses: Esther Ruth SORENSON
Name: David Victor BUSK Born: 8 FEB 1895 at: Married: at: Died: 12 NOV 1981 at: Spouses: Mildred Marie HOLM
Name: William Christian BUSK Born: 29 JUL 1897 at: Married: 15 MAY 1919 at: Died: at: Spouses: Rachel Bessie BRADEN
Name: Myrtle Elizabeth BUSK Born: 8 FEB 1900 at: Married: 28 APR 1923 at: Died: at: Spouses: Elvan Lyle FRANSEN


Christian Hansen BUSK was born 8 April 1859 in Busk, Denmark. He and his two sisters came from a fairly well-to-do family who had financial dealings with the State of Sweden which at that time was a part of Denmark. Being the only male heir, Christian stood to inherit the family farm. However, his parents disapproved of his courting Christina whose family was not so well-to-do. So Christian decided to come to America and told Christina he would send for her as soon as he earned enough money for her passage. Christian came to America in 1883 and settled for a short time in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, where he worked in the shipyards for a few months. Christina's parents sent her brother Jurgen to America to make sure that their daughter's future was safe and secure.

Anna Christina HANSEN was born 14 October 1860 in Denmark. Christina also came to America in 1883. Christina's voyage took six weeks and was very difficult. Many passengers were seasick and Christina did what she could to help them. Christian and Jurgen met her at the dock and she and Christian were married immediately because there was no place for a newly arrived, Danish-speaking, unmarried young girl to dwell. The marriage took place on 23 October 1883 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Aanon OLSEN and N.P. KNUDSEN were witnesses.

In 1884, the couple moved to Minnesota because Christian saw an ad in a local newspaper about a Danish settlement in Westbrook (Cottonwood County) Minnesota. On 30 June 1892 Christian HANSEN was granted a homestead certificate from the Land Office at Marshall, Minnesota, for 80 acres of land - East half, Southeast quarter, Section 12, Town 107 North, Range 39 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, (Dovray Township, Murray County). Christina's brother, Jurgen, accompanied them and also settled in the area.

During their years in Westbrook, Christian applied for United States citizenship (in the District Court of Murray County, Minnesota) and it was granted on 27 October 1891. (The date in the main part of the certificate is 27 October while the date at the bottom is 21 October.) In 1893 Christian decided to change the family name to BUSK, which was a county in Denmark, because the name 'Christian HANSEN' was so common. In those days, all you needed to do to change your name was to go to the county courthouse and say you wanted to adopt a new name.

Eight children were born to Christian and Christina BUSK in Minnesota: Annie on 20 August 1884, Sophie on 13 May 1886, Henry on 2 September 1888, Alfred on 17 October 1890, Carl on 1 January 1893, Dave on 8 February 1895, Bill on 29 July 1897, and Myrtle on 8 February 1900. In the 1900 census Christ H. BUSK and Anna H. BUSK were listed in Dovray Township, Murray County, Minnesota. Their eight children were all listed as being born in Minnesota (between August 1884 and February 1900) and were all still living with their parents.

In 1902, the family moved to Marvin (near Summit in Osceola Township, Grant County), South Dakota, because Christian's homestead in Minnesota was too small to provide acreages for his sons when they came of age. Christian bought a great deal of land there to properly take care of his family. The land he bought was pure prairie farmland with no buildings or trees.

About 1908, Christian became very ill with bronchial trouble. A doctor in Rochester, Minnesota, advised the family to change climates and so Alfred took over the farm and Christian, Christina, and Myrtle moved to Cooley, Washington to stay with Christina's youngest sister. After about six weeks, however, his health had not improved significantly and they moved to Portland, Oregon. That move didn't help his health either and so they decided to move back to South Dakota. On 2 September 1913 Christian Hansen BUSK died. Although he had suffered from bronchial trouble for many years, dropsy (right congestive heart failure) was listed as the immediate cause of death. The funeral was held at home with the Rev. Victor RYBERG officiating. Burial was in the cemetery west of Summit.

Christina remained in South Dakota. During World War I, Dave left for the army and Christina knit over 100 pairs of socks for the allied soldiers as she walked after the cows. She was always a buffer between her children and their father who was stern but just and fair. She played games with them and had fun, but never wore make-up, jewelry, or curled her hair. On the day before Christmas Eve she and the girls made peppernuts to celebrate "Little Yule". The recipe for the rolled-dough pastry treats has been handed down in the family for several generations.

On 7 April 1923 Anna Christina HANSEN BUSK died at her home in Summit after a short illness from pneumonia and other complications. The funeral was held at the Baptist church with Rev. ANDERSON officiating. Burial was in the Summit cemetery beside her husband.


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